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It's gratifying to know that hundreds of industry professionals -- producers, directors, casting directors, stars, agents and managers -- have actually taken the time to write thank-you letters to APS.  AND, hundreds of thank you and testimonial letters have come from past and present APS actor-members.  We'll be adding a few at a time -- until a few hundred are displayed here.  Please check back to see the latest additions..    Thank you!

"...THAT is the way APS worked for me . . . it's hard for me to tell you how many jobs (and more importantly... how many friends) I've gotten out of that contact . . . Networking really does work . . .  John Beuchler or Charlie Band would never have hired me from my résumé.  But they DID hire me on the advice of a friend.   That's a sacred trust when you recommend someone.  I've never let my friends down and because of that, I keep getting work.  That's what APS is all about."
-- Mark Bedell    Complete quote here.

". . . One of the best things that happened to my career was being recommended to, and becoming an active member of, APS.  Everything came together after I joined.  The support, the knowledge, the comradery,  It's a wonderful organization.  I have met tons of producers, directors, and stars, and my success is growing at a very nice pace . . . I want to publicly thank Rock Riddle and APS for all they have taught me, all I have achieved through their efforts, all of the people I have met because of them, and all of the doors they have opened for me."    -- David Dortch     Complete quote here

". . . my first foray back into the 'biz' was connecting with Rock Riddle and APS . . .  Through the seminars, the networking events (which are a blast as well as being productive) and many, many different networking opportunities available through APS, I have not only landed a co-starring role in a SAG feature, but am immersed in a pool of upcoming projects which I never would have had insider's access to! . . . The returns are tremendous."  -- Jane Emery     Complete quote here

"I landed a co-starring role in a SAG feature film in my first 30 days with APS.  APS provides an exceptional promotion service to actors.   One of the best parts about being a member of APS is that I run into fellow members all over town, be it on set, at Rocket Video, at the monthly FAN meeting, at industry parties, or at the Sunday Seminar, and I get to a hear about all of their successes. Keep taking all those great steps and I'll see you at next event!"
                                              -- Daniel B. Levin  Complete quote here
"Everything is going great in my career. Not only am I starring on a hit prime-time television series ('George Lopez'), but I also have major feature film roles upcoming. Without Rock Riddle and APS, none of this would have happened. Thank you so much, Rock." 
Masiela Lusha     Complete story here

"APS Entertainment and Rock Riddle are the gatekeepers to Hollywood's A-list communityIn just a year and a half . . .  using the advice, coaching and contacts from Rock Riddle and APS;  I am on National Network Syndicated Television starring on two episodes of UPN's Dance 360, one international cable show "Object of Desire", featured runway model in feature film "Dirty Love" starring Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra directed by the great John Asher...and on VH1's Save the Music Baywatch spot along with doing several other projects . . . Rock Riddle and Michele Blood really do show you how to "Be A Magnet to Hollywood Success" . . . priceless... thank you, as always, Rock!!!"

                   --  Liam Stone     Complete quote here


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