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A Fascinating 2 Hour Event for Actors


  Sunday, June 15, 2014:  12:00 Noon - 2:15 PM
at a beautiful air-conditioned theatre in a great area with lots of free parking
The Jeremiah Comey Studios -- 12215 Ventura Blvd., Suite 111, Studio City, CA 91604
The Jeremiah Comey Studio is located in the Times Square Plaza, the home of Peet's Coffee, about 1 1/2 blocks west of Laurel Canyon Blvd.

 Her Success Includes the 5+Year Starring Role
in the hit prime-time ABC Television Series
"George Lopez"

"Everything is going great in my career. Not only am I starring on a hit prime-time television series ('George Lopez'), but I also have more major feature film roles upcoming. Without Rock Riddle and APS, none of this would have happened. Thank you so much, Rock." 
   - Masiela Lusha

International celebrity Masiela Lusha did an in-depth interview for the 504-page Best Seller and IRWIN Award Winning book, "How to Become a Magnet to Hollywood Success" by Michele Blood and Rock Riddle.  You can read the complete interview here Best Seller!

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Welcome to Hollywood Success -- the cyber home of APS -- Associated Producers Services, Actors Promotional Services, APS Entertainment, and, of course, Hollywood Success Marketing and Public Relations.  Founded in Hollywood, California in 1978, APS is a networking organization, a support system, a publicist and a highly effective "marketing machine" for  Entertainment Industry professionals -- producers, directors, casting directors, agents, managers, entertainment attorneys, film financiers, and a limited number of professional actors and actresses.

APS Productions - Hollywood Success - Associated Producers Services - Actors' Promotional Services, Ltd. - APS Entertainment

Our Mission                

AG00539_.GIF (19998 bytes)For over 30 years, our mission has been to empower select professionals in the film and television industry -- to provide them with the tools, support and opportunities that help them achieve success more quickly.  We work with dedicated, determined industry professionals who will achieve a high level of success -- with us or without us.  Our job is simply to greatly speed up the process.

APS Productions - Hollywood Success - Associated Producers Services - Actors' Promotional Services, Ltd. - APS Entertainment

Company Profile

AG00293_.gif (14435 bytes)Even after having pursued the film and television industry for years, dozens of brilliantly talented actors and actresses give up their "Hollywood Dreams" every day.  These gifted people know their craft, but they don't know their business

It's Show Business - Not Show Art

Our organization provides the business aspects of the Entertainment Industry.  We provide powerful PR, marketing, promotional, networking, and support systems for both sides of the industry -- for actors and actresses "in front of the camera" -- and for executive producers, producers, directors, casting directors, agents, managers and others "behind the camera".

We screen the actors (and their acting talent) for producers and we screen producers for the actors.  We provide business and networking opportunities where talented professionals have the opportunity to get to know each other and work together.  

Hundreds of success stories have arisen as a result of our efforts:  Producers have acquired financing, directors and casting directors have been hired, co-productions have been initiated, hundreds of actors have been hired (including many starring roles), and dozens of projects have come to fruition as a result of APS networking events alone!  Hundreds of producers, directors, and stars have sent us thank-you letters.  And, literally hundreds of actors have sent us thank-you testimonial letters.   

APS Productions - Hollywood Success - Associated Producers Services - Actors' Promotional Services, Ltd. - APS Entertainment


Our organization -- consisting of APS Productions, Associated Producers Services, Actors' Promotional Services, and Hollywood Success --  is the brainchild of S.W. "Rock" Riddle.  A former professional athlete, Rock is a leading expert in the marketing and promotion of professionals in the film and television industry.  He holds a degree in Criminology & Law Enforcement and financed his college education by doing private investigative, detective, and surveillance work.

Within weeks of his arrival in Hollywood, California, Rock began investigating the film and television industry.  He discovered what appeared to be, from a marketing point of view, several gaping holes, and immediately set to work to provide solutions.  For 2 years he marketed himself as an actor, and worked in dozens of film and TV projects with principal (or better) billing as a result.  As he began providing marketing and networking for others in the industry, Rock discovered that he no longer had time to promote himself.  In 1979, he turned his full attention to APS, and, to date, has personally invested over well over 135,000 hours into the project.

Rock also worked as a SAG-franchised talent agent and was co-owner of a successful Hollywood talent agency.  He ended up selling his 50% in order to devote all of his time and attention to APS - Actors' Promotional Services, Associated Producers Services, and APS Productions.

A more detailed, in-depth story on APS' founder is here.

APS Productions - Hollywood Success - Associated Producers Services - Actors' Promotional Services, Ltd. - APS Entertainment


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Serving the Entertainment Industry Since 1978 -- Same address and phone for over 28 years
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